Homer Jackson
Biographical Information
Homer Jackson
Army surgeon
Richmond, Virginia
Professional Information
U.S. Army; Pinkerton National Detective Agency
Friends and Family
Daniel Judge
Long Susan Hart (Caitlyn Swift)
Long Susan Hart (Caitlyn Swift)
Conner Judge
Edmund Reid, Bennet Drake, Rose Erskine, Mimi Morton
Frank Goodnight, Silas Duggan, Theodore Swift
Love interests:
Mimi Morton, Long Susan Hart, Rose Erskine

Captain Homer Jackson (Born Matthew Judge) is the surgeon-at-arms for H Divison and one of the main characters throughout the series. He was a former Pinkerton captain that left for London after the 1886 Haymarket Riot in Chicago. He was formerly known as Mathew Judge but changed his name when he arrived in London. The security of Jackson's identity is threatened throughout the course of Season one, in which Edmund Reid and Inspector Constantine gradually uncover information on the captain's former life. He is accused of being the Ripper by Frederick Abberline but set free by Reid. In season two he is thrown out by his wife, Long Susan Hart and tries to save his brother by sheltering him in London. In season three over the four years since Drake left Reid had dismissed him from service and he goes back to being a drunk and frequenting Whitechapel brothels. He is recommissioned and helps find out who caused the Leman Street locomotive crash. When Susan shoots Reid he quickly finds her guilty with advanced forensics and seeks to defend her. However Drake finds out about his intentions and at the end of the season has him sitting next to Susan in a Leman Street cell. In season four he tries to help Susan from her death sentence while helping Drake with his investigations with the Whitechapel Golem. He manages to save his wife and continues to visit her and plan their escape from the country throughout the season. Jackson is accused of aiding in a robbery and is thrown in a Leman Street Cell at the end of the series. The last we see of him is Jackson trying to staunch the blood flowing from Drake's neck. Season 5 He leaves for America with his son after Susan's hanging. Later it is revealed he died after suffering a heart attack and drowning in icy waters after saving two girls from drowning. He leaves his ring in his will to Edmund Reid.