Jedediah Shine
Biographical Information
Jedediah Shine
Detective Inspector
Limehouse, London
Professional Information
Police Officer
Friends and Family
Edmund Reid, Bennet Drake, Homer Jackson and Frederick Abberline.
Love interests:
Blush Pang
Behind the Scenes
Portrayed by:
Joseph Mawle

Jedediah Shine is the Detective Inspector of K-Divison, the branch of the Metropolitan Police situated in the borough of Limehouse, adjacent to Whitechapel.

Season 2 Edit

He is Edmund Reid's moral nemesis, going against everything Reid stands for. They first cross paths in "Pure as the Driven", when Shine is revealed to be involved in trafficking heroin. He kills one of his own officers, Sergeant Maurice Linklater by giving him a lethal dose.

In "Am I Not Monstrous?" he appears at Maurice's funeral and nearly gets into a fight with Sgt. Drake.

He reappears in "Our Betrayal", where he kills Nathaniel Hinchcliffe and reveals that Constable Albert Flight is his spy within H-Division. Reid and Drake then plot to kill Shine in the divisional boxing match. Drake beats him to the point of death but spares his life.

Season 5 Edit

When Reid goes to ground at the end of Season 4, Shine is put in charge of H-Division by Augustus Dove. He is clearly physically damaged from his long career of violence, both in and outside of the boxing ring. Instituting torture and violence in order to get what he wants, he finds a follower in Det. Sgt. Frank Thatcher and the two hatch a plot to catch Reid and Homer Jackson.

Eventually, Shine's violent and vicious tendencies prove too much for even Thatcher to handle, and he abandons Shine in favor of Reid. Ultimately, he manages to capture Reid through collusion with Samuel Drummond at which point he engages in a bloody fight with his foe where he barely emerges the victor. He seems to take little pleasure in this victory, and kills himself with an opium overdose, narrowly avoiding death by Dove's hands.