Mathilda Reid (Born 1878) is the daughter of Emily and Edmund Reid.

Mathilda Reid
Mathilda Reid
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Anna Burnett

Reid was thought lost during the sinking of the steamer SS Princess Alice on the Thames in September 1888, during the midst of the investigation into the 'Jack the Ripper' murders, led by her father. Mathilda's apparent loss devastated the relationship between both her parents, with her mother falling into deep depression (until her eventual suicide) and causing her father to tumble into alcoholism.

Discovery by Susan Hart of Reid's survival in 1894, under the imprisonment of Horace Buckley, uncovers the psychological trauma experienced by Reid at the unwitting hand of her father's fervor in his investigation into the Ripper murders, as well as the scars of the SS Princess Alice disaster.

Mathilda's recollection of her father's case files regarding the killings of Mary Ann Nichols and Annie Chapman, lead her to unknowingly follow the streets of the Ripper murders.

A pregnant Reid leaves Whitechapel in 1897, as her father resumes command of H Division, to start a new life with Sgt, Samuel "Drum" Drummond. On the eve of the century, 1900, Edmund Reid gazes a final time of a photograph of Mathilda, Samuel and their son, a family at peace.