Ronald Capshaw

Ronald Capshaw
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John Heffernan

Ronald Capshaw is the Solicitor of the Late Silas Duggan (Deceased in "Our Betrayal Part 2", He then became the Solicitor of Long Susan Hart at Obsidian Estates, His this the main villian for the first part of Series 3 until Theodore Patrick Swift would show up at the end of "Live Free, Live True".

"Whitechapel Terminus"

His first Appearance was in Series 3 Episode 1 Untitled "Whitechapel Terminus" where a Train would come off its railing and crash on a bridge above Leman street, there would also be 55 Deaths reported on that black day and 5 men hanged for it (Gregory Enright and Davies), Long Susan Hart and Ronald Capshaw were the Masterminds of the Train Disaster

"The Beating of Her Wings"

In the Second Episode of series 3, he is seen in the Buckley Antiques shop with Clyde Kendrick, that is owned by Horace Buckley and his wife, Clara Buckley, he and Kendrick came to collect the debt that Buckley owed to Obsidian Estates, the Buckley's did not have the Debt, this is when Kendrick and Capshaw took a look around the shop, Kendrick found something in the shop, he wanted the Buckley's to open it, but Clara Buckley refused, Ronald then broke the lock of the shed and opened the door, he then removed the mat from the door and found a door hidden underneath the mat, when Clara Buckley tried to stop him, he hit her and killed her, when Kendrick ran after Horace, he found a girl in the cellar, the Girl was Mr Reid's Daughter, Matilda Reid, She was then taken to Obsidian Estates by Capshaw, Capshaw is later seen later with Long Susan and Amelia Frayne were he was about to be arrested for the murder of Clara Buckley, but Miss Susan made up lies about Reid's daughter and said that Horace Buckley Murdered her.