Image Title Original Airdate Episode
Whitechapel Terminus Whitechapel Terminus Nov. 14, 2014 17 3.01
Four years have passed. Time that has seen Reid, Drake and Jackson split and isolated from one another. But when the robbery of a goods train leads to a cataclysmic locomotive disaster on Leman Street itself,the men and their resentments are reunited to seek its cause.

Meanwhile, Long Susan has made good on her promise to take control of Obsidian Estates, and has turned it into a legitimate business of huge philanthropic ambition. But such aspirations have a price - one which is paid by all those to lose their lives in the Leman Street Disaster.

The Beating of Her Wings The Beating of Her Wings Nov. 14, 2014 18 3.02
A routine murder inquiry in a curiosity shop reveals a secret underground cell. The murder itself may have links to Long Susan's burgeoning property empire, Obsidian Estates, but Reid is far more concerned as to the identity and whereabouts of that cell's prisoner, a young girl kept there for many years. It is an investigation which is to confront him with both his greatest shame and his greatest hope.
Ashes and Diamonds Ashes and Diamonds Nov. 21, 2014 19 3.03
Chief Inspector Abberline asks Drake to take over the helm of H Division. But Drake is far from keen to preside over his friend's desk. The inexplicable death of a clairvoyant takes the team into a world of devious charlatans capitalising on the grief of a sorrowful community. Further questions arise when Drake and Jackson meet a grieving widow, who unlocks the heart of a deceptive scheme.
Your Father, My Friend Your Father, My Friend Nov. 28, 2014 20 3.04
As a lost girl wanders the dangerous streets of the East End alone, Detective Inspector Drake must try to find his old friend Edmund Reid and bring those responsible to justice. While there are still questions to answer about the death of Horace Buckley, the team of H Division unites to locate the girl. When tangible proof to finally bring Capshaw to justice arrives, attempts to arrest him deliver devastating consequences.
Heavy Boots Heavy Boots Dec. 5, 2014 21 3.05
A destructive gang of youths unleash hell upon the streets, but it is not until daylight breaks that the true horror of their brutal work is revealed. The trail leads the team of H Division into the heartland of one of the city's oldest trades - the London Breweries - where conflicted loyalties reign, and grief and anger create a potent concoction.
The Incontrovertible Truth The Incontrovertible Truth Dec. 12, 2014 22 3.06
The dark and corrupt streets of Whitechapel are witnessing a new breed of tourist - one from the higher realms of society wanting salacious entertainment. Yet Lady Montacute's curiosity means she now stands before the men of Leman Street charged with the vicious stabbing of a local woman. Over one long rainy night, H Division must unearth the true culprit before the weight of the authorities bears down upon them.
Live Free, Live True Live Free, Live True Dec. 19, 2014 23 3.07
The murder of a chemist leads the team into the shadowy underworld of illegal abortionists and a backstreet racket which conceals a nefarious scheme. And when one of Long Susan's business ventures is on the cusp of ruination, she realises she needs to regain control - despite the patriarchy's attempts to undermine her every effort. Meanwhile, Dr Frayn's desire to modernise the practices at Obsidian Clinic sets her in conflict with both Susan and the authorities.
The Peace of Edmund Reid The Peace of Edmund Reid Dec. 26, 2014 24 3.08
An American journalist is killed in Whitechapel, and his exclusive story threatens seismic consequences for numerous Whitechapel residents. With her business empire slipping through her fingers, Long Susan hasto contend with some shocking news and a face from her past who returns to exert their control. As the team of H Division inch ever nearer to the truth about the train robbery, the revelations expose some disturbing home truths, and life-altering decisions have to be made.